Saturday, April 25, 2015

FoodBlogSwap Extra: "Beef" Sushi Bowl

As I said earlier this week, I couldn't choose which recipe I wanted to make for the FoodBlogSwap. So I thought: why not make them both? I saw a recipe for a sushi bowl with beef on At Sowyen's Kitchen and it sounded so good, that I had to make that recipe as well, next to the Oreo Brownies that I shared earlier. I made quite a few adjustments to the recipe this time around. Because I don't eat beef, I used a replacement and I used some different veggies. The result turned out great and this will be on the menu more often, especially with the warmer days in sight. Or so we hope ;) We had some leftovers after we had it for dinner which we ate the next day for lunch. As the flavours develop over night, it tastes even better!

"Beef" Sushi Bowl: (serves 3)
- 140 gr sushi rice
- 250 gr faux beef (In Dutch store AH)
- 1 clove of garlic, chopped
- 1 tbsp soy sauce
- 0.5 tsp sugar
- 2 tbsp sesame oil
- 1 egg per person
- 1 bell pepper, cubed
- 1 courgette, cubed
- sweet chilli sauce
- pepper

Cook the sushi rice in the rice cooker.
Meanwhile mix the garlic with sesame oil, soy sauce, sugar and a dash of pepper in a bowl. Add the faux beef and let it rest for 10 minutes.

Heat some oil in 2 frying pans. In one pan bake the faux beef with the bell pepper and courgette. It is done when the veggies are done because faux beef only needs to warm. Bake the eggs sunny side up in the other pan.

Mix the rice, veggies, faux beef together. Stir in some chilli sauce to taste and serve with the egg.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

FoodBlogSwap: Oreo Brownies

The FoodBlogSwap is an event amongst bloggers from the Netherlands. You cook from a blog and someone else makes something from your blog. Each month this is great fun and I love to participate. It is a great way to discover new blogs. This month I got to make something from At Sowyen's Kitchen. And I couldn't choose so I decided to bake and to cook something from her blog. Another recipe will follow this week. First I will share the recipe for Oreo Brownies. I love Oreos and brownies, so this combination I really wanted to try. They tasted really great. We shared them with friends and they all agreed. We adapted the recipe slightly because my boyfriend Nick doesn't like dark chocolate very much, so we used milk chocolate instead.

Oreo Brownies: (makes 16)
- 165 gr unsalted butter
- 200 gr milk chocolate, chopped
- 4 eggs
- 165 gr light brown castor sugar
- 3 tbsp flour
- 1 tbsp cocoa powder
- 16 oreo cookes, in chunks

Pre heat the oven to 180 degrees. Line an oven dish with a baking sheet.

Melt the butter in a pan and remove from the heat. Add the chocolate and stir until the chocolate melted and the butter and chocolate form a nice mixture. Let it cool down to 37 degrees. We don't have a thermometer but you can check, because your body temperature is about the same. So carefully check with a clean finger and if it is about the same, it is all good :)

Beat the eggs until they are tripled in size. Add the sugar gradually while you keep mixing until combined. Then carefully combine with the chocolate mixture and stir this together until smooth. Do not use your mixer anymore. Stir in the flour and cocoa powder plus 1/3 of the oreos and stir again carefully until combined.

Pour the batter into the oven dish and add the rest of the oreo cookies on top. Bake for 30-35 minutes, but it depends a bit on your oven. Ours took 40 minutes to get a nice soft texture but not too runny on the inside. Let the borwnies cool down before you cut them into squares.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Menu for week 16

It is a beautiful day today! We will do some baking later but for now let's see what we ate in the past week. I always try to write a nifty intro here before I post my menu. But I am not really good at that. I sometimes see posts from bloggers that tell about their week at length before they post their recipe or menu. While I have it said and done in one paragraph. I was never good at small talk anyway ;)

Sunday Baking: We made a delicious tomato bread! Damn this is the best savoury dish I made in a long time! Recipe will surely follow and I will make it again this week to take a couple of slices to school with me.

Sunday: The ever favorite combination of baked potatoes, spinach, egg and fish fingers.

Monday: A sushi "beef" bowl. Nom! I loved this. We had enough leftover for lunch the next day.

Tuesday and Wednesday: Couscous salad. Now that the weather gets warmers. Salads are back on the menu.

Thursday and Friday: A broccoli pasta oven dish. The picture is from before it went in the oven. A decent recipe and budget friendly.

Saturday: The broccoli was on sale so we made another dish with it. This potato and broccoli pie. Another tasty and budget friendly recipe.

Friday, April 17, 2015

FoodBlogEvent: Green!

Next to the FoodBlogSwap, there is also a FoodBlogEvent amongst bloggers from the Netherlands. Each month it is hosted by a different person who can pick a theme. This month Isle from Uit mijn Keukentje picked the theme Green! I looked in my backlog and I have several recipes that would fit this theme. But I choose to share a pasta recipe for spring.

Ricotta and Pea Pasta (serves 4)
- 450 gr penne pasta
- 2.5 cups frozen peas, defrosted
- 425 gr ricotta
- 1 clove of garlic
- 1/3 cup fresh parsley
- about 1 tbsp lemon juice
- 1 tsp lemon zest
- 4 tbsp olive oil
- pinch of pepper
- grated cheese

Boil the pasta. Meanwhile chop garlic with parsley in a food processor. Add 1.5 cups of peas, the ricotta, lemon zest and lemon juice, 4 tbsp olive oil and a dash of pepper. Pulse until you have a chunky puree.

Drain the pasta but keep 1 cup of the water. Return the pasta to the pan and add the pea and ricotta mixture and the remaining peas and stir. Add a bit of pasta water if needed to make a sauce.
Serve with some grated cheese on top.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Menu for week 15

The menu looks a bit different this week because of the Easter weekend. We spoiled ourselves food wise :) Other than that, a mix between new and old recipes and some baking :)

Easter Breakfast: We ordered some stuff at the bakery, so we had a nice Easter breakfast with bread rolls, and a donut for me ;)

Easter lunch: More bread, this time with a boiled egg.

Easter Sunday: We did raclette for 2. We just bought some veggies and fish and we had a great time :)

Easter Monday: We went to American Buffet Corner in Velp. I kept forgetting taking pictures till desert. We had a great meal!

Tuesday and Wednesday: A Turkish oven dish with tomatoes. This tasted awesome! Recipe to come.

Wednesday Baking: Oreo Brownies. Those were tasty! Luckily we shared with friends :) Recipe will follow.

Thursday: Spaghetti with pesto and turnip tops. Lovely spring dish :) Recipe to come.
Friday: We had an unexpected BBQ with friends because it was such a lovely day. I forgot to take pictures. Something with living in the moment ;) Not handy when you have a food blog though.

Saturday: It was cold en stormy! What a contrast with the day before. We still had split peas, so time to make some curried pea soup!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

On a Budget: Green Bean Tagine with Tomatoes

I borrowed a vegetarian book on couscous and tagines from the library and it kind of made my heart sing that there was finally a book full of Moroccan dishes that I didn't need to adjust in any way. This book comes highly recommended because it has recipes that don't even require a trip to a special supermarket. All though there are also recipes that require you to make a detour for the right groceries, but there are plenty of recipes that are easy to make without any fuss. The book is called Vegetarian tagines and couscous by Ghillie Basan and it is on my wishlist to buy it :)

Green Bean Tagine with Tomatoes: (serves 4)
- 2 tbsp olive oil
- 2 spring onions, chopped
- 2 cloves of garlic, chopped
- 500 gr green beans, in 3 cm pieces
- 2 tsp sugar
- juice of 1 lemon
- 800 gr canned cubed tomatoes
- a bunch of fresh dill, chopped
- sea salt and black pepper

Heat the oil in a tagine or a pan with a thick bottom. Bake the onions and garlic for 2-3 minutes. Mix in the beans and make sure they are coated with the oil, onions and garlic. Add lemon juice, tomatoes and the sugar. Lastly add the dill. Make sure you add plenty, because that determines the flavour of this dish.
Place the lid on the tagine or pan and let it simmer on low for 40 minutes until the beans are done and the tomato sauce is quite thick. Add salt and pepper to taste.

The recipe is vegan, but we served it with simit and Turkish yoghurt, which both aren't vegan. But there are other Turkish breads that are vegan. We followed the serving suggestions in the book, but you can also serve it with bulgur or couscous.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Menu for week 14

Happy Easter everyone! I just had German kaiser bread and an Easter themed donut for breakfast. I have no regrets :D
In the past week we had mainly easy recipes, except for the tomato risotto. We used up some stuff we still had in our pantry so our menu was very budget friendly.

Sunday and Monday: Lasagna with mushrooms and spinach. We used a boxed mix this time because we got one in a free grocery package you could save for at the super market. But I have a recipe for spinach and mushroom lasagna from scratch if you are interested.

Sunday Baking: White chocolate and cranberry cookies. We had some cranberries leftover so I decided to make cookies from them. Because Nick loves white chocolate, the choice was easy ;) Recipe to come.

Tuesday and Wednesday: Tomato risotto. Very budget friendly and tasty! And I used up half a package of feta that I had in my fridge :) Recipe will follow.

Wednesday Lunch: I had pinched a nerve in my neck and it was stormy weather so I made some comfort food for lunch. Chinese tomato soup and a salmon toastie.

Thursday and Friday: Nick wanted to eat nasi with sateh sauce. It is not my favorite, but because we made our sateh sauce from scratch, it was still good!

Saturday: We ate another spring mashpot with lettuce. When dinner was served, I was on the phone ;) So Nick took this picture with his. Shocking, really how the quality differs.